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A Special Message from Coach Kelly...



I can still remember the very first day when I walked on the pool deck of the HighPoint. Our team was about 60 members, and I was the only coach. I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would lead to 25 years of coaching, our team growing and ranging from 110 to 170 members at its peak and become one of the stronger summer programs in the area. The board members on that first year and myself had high expectations for the program. I truly thought that if we all worked together, we would climb to the top. Our team history shows we accomplished that goal and more!

I want to thank all the current and past Stingrays for allowing me to be your coach and for all the wonderful memories we shared and created the past 25 summers. I thank each Stingray who gave me the privilege of coaching you. I will always be thankful for being your coach, and the memories that we shared will always be close to my heart. I truly thought of all of you as family, and the bond that made us Stingray Nation will always be with us for life.


To all board members past and present, coaches, families, and Stingrays, thank you for believing in me and in our team. You watched me evolve in life as a young man just out of college to a husband and father of four. You taught me so many lessons, and your passion and effort for our team motivated me and made me a better coach and better person. I hope when you reflect on our time together, I did the same for you. Each one of you will hold a special place in my heart forever, and I will always be here for you.


While PSC HighPoint may be coming to close, our bond as Stingrays will always be with us. Continue to MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND BE THE DIFFERENCE in life. Every practice we shared was as a valuable piece of a puzzle with the finished result showing a knowledgeable and spirited swimmer who learned to be a team contributor. I hope that you will take those lessons learned about perseverance, work ethic, teamwork, and striving towards goals and use them in life. Please know that I will always be thinking about you and cheering you on in swimming and in life.


Our time as Stingrays will always bond us together. To the many morning practices and sunrises we enjoyed. To the sometimes cold mornings and water. To the starting blocks for the countless games of peanut. To the Stingray pep rallies and KA Cha cheers. To the black Friday practices. To the taper practices and stretch chords. To the Jolly Rancher swims. To the countless Ducks who started their swimming life in the duck pond. To the eight championship victory celebrations, PSC HighPoint (formerly HighPoint) was the home to four decades of childhood swim memories for all of us. I am honored to have been part of it for the last 25 years. Stingray Nation holds a special place in my heart where I watched generations of children including my own children swim their first race. Although the waves in the pool have come to settle, the memories have no ends to its depths. So, to finish out as we always did. WE ARE… HIGHPOINT! WE ARE…..HIGHPOINT!

I love each and every one of you!

Always and forever your coach!


Coach Kelly

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