Team Policies

Over the years, the PSC Stingrays have taken pride in their tradition of fun, spirit, and excellence. The reason for the success of these fine qualities is because of the outstanding character that has been presented by all levels of the team: swimmers, coaches, and families. To ensure this continued success and tradition, PSC Stingrays have adopted the policies that they expect all swimmers, coaches, and families to follow. By joining our team, you have agreed to our code and will provide a positive role model that is needed to maintain our high standard of character. If a swimmer, coach, or family breaks the code, the club holds the right to expel that member from the team.

General Team Policies

1G: Electronic Communication Policy – click here

2G: Parent Volunteer Policy – click here


Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras increase the risk for different forms of misconduct in locker rooms and changing areas. PSC High Pont prohibits the use of such devices in locker rooms, restrooms, or other changing areas. 


PSC High Point Swim Team recognizes the prevalence of electronic communication in today’s world. Cell phones and other mobile devices are only allowed at practice to communicate with families. Any misuse of these devices that is detrimental to the spirit of the team will lead to suspension or possible dismissal from the team as determined by the PSC High Point board and coaching staff.

4G:   All smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited during practice and swim meet competition in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for the swimmers.


Competition Policies

1C:  Code of Conduct – (pdf)


2C: The league does not allow PSC Stingrays swimmers to be rostered with and compete for other summer swim clubs/leagues such as Fanny Chapman, Hideaway, Sonny Willow,  etc.  Swimmers who compete and train with US swimming affiliated clubs such as Germantown Academy, CBST, and Hatboro are exempted from this rule.

3C: All swimmers are expected to make every effort to attend meets in which they are scheduled.  If you are unable to attend a meet, a note indicating your absence must be given to Coach Kelly at least one week in advance.  In the event of an emergency, please call or email Coach Kelly immediately.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE WILL RESULT IN AN EXCLUSION FROM THE NEXT MEET.


4C: Line-ups will be based on PSC Stingrays times recorded throughout the current year.


5C: Meets start promptly!  It is necessary for the athletes to be on deck at the time stated by the coach and announced on the bulletin board.  Please arrive in time so swimmers can adequately get ready, check-in, and warm-up. Swim Meet Times: On Deck 5:30 PM, Warm-up 6:00 PM, Start 6:45 PM


6C: In the event of inclement weather, a decision about the meet will be made between 4:30 and 5 PM.  If a meet is canceled, an email will be sent out. Please, do not call PSC front desk. THE PSC FRONT DESK ONLY HAS INFO ON SWIM LESSONS. If an email has not been posted, the swim meet is proceeding and all swimmers are to make every effort to attend. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE WILL RESULT IN AN EXCLUSION FROM THE NEXT MEET.


7C:  Line-ups are posted before the meet starts.  Swimmers need to check out what they are swimming so they can warm-up accordingly.


8C:  As it stands, our league will be having relays during the end of the year championships.  Each team is allowed to enter two relays per age group.  You must be registered in an individual event to be eligible.  The Stingrays will compose the two quickest relay combinations from those entered in champs.  All relay participants will be chosen objectively based on Stingrays times recorded throughout the current year.  If the league allows, the Stingrays will try to submit a third relay if there are enough participants.


9C:  Developing the skills of our swimmers, being near or at 100% team participation, and winning the meet are the goals for our dual meet competitions.   All swimmers will swim in dual meets. Usually, every swimmer gets into at least two events.  Line-ups are based on the best times in that event.  The coaches will make the best line-up possible. The Stingrays will coordinate the heats of their swim events using recorded times. The swimmers in first heat will have the top times in that event, heat 2 will have the next three quickest times, etc.  Relays also follow this philosophy with the A relay having the four fastest possible swimmer combinations available, B relay the next four swimmer combinations available, etc..  Times are based on times completed at official Stingray meets during the season and are consistently updated after each swim meet. 


10C: Most invitational meets are open to all swimmers except for the Aqua Pentathlon which has qualifying time standards. These meets are optional for swimmers. Some invitational meets will be strongly encouraged as a team competition and will be announced in advance. Invitational meets typically allow swimmers to swim all events and provide a great opportunity to enjoy and evaluate each stroke.


11C: Coaches attempt to have the swimmers swim all of the individual strokes sometimes during the season.   Swimmers will only be exempted from an individual event if a medical condition prohibits it (ie. knee for breaststroke) or if developmental swimmers still need more time to learn and gain confidence in the stroke as indicated by the coaching staff.

Practice Policies
1P:   Pool time is limited and we need to make the best of every minute we have. Families are asked to drop off their swimmers 10 minutes prior to their practice and not sooner.  If any child is dropped off earlier, a parent or another assigned adult of your choosing must be present and responsible for your child.  A signed letter confirming your supervision arrangement must be submitted to Coach Kelly. For every minute a swimmer is late, they will make up that time after practice unless a note is given from a parent/guardian explaining the lateness.  This rule is designed to make the most out of practice and discourage staying in locker rooms.

2P:   The PSC Stingrays do not provide transportation to and from PSC Summer Camp for liability and safety reasons.  If you wish to be a part of both programs, you must arrange for your child’s transportation. Both the swim team and camp do not provide transportation
between the two groups.  A signed letter explaining and confirming your transportation arrangement must be submitted to Coach Kelly and to PSC Camp.

3P:   During swim team practice, no children (12 and under) are allowed in the shallow end or diving well.

4P:   Swimmers must be prepared to swim. Parents and swimmers make sure your equipment (goggles, etc.) is working properly.  We can not be distracted by fixing equipment because we must make sure that we are always monitoring the pool and giving the proper attention to all swimmers.

5P:  Parents and guardians please do not disturb the coaches during practice.  We are here for your children and need to spend all the practice time with them.  We will be glad to meet with you or call you at a more convenient time.  Please, use e-mail or leave a note in the mailbox system.